Presentation on India's Narrative Tradition

University of Chicago professor emeritus Ralph Nicholas presents a story scroll during the Field Museum Cultural Connections “Narratives: Doorways to Our Communities” presentation “Telling Tales to Teach” conducted by IAHM and the Swahili Institute of Chicago.

In  2008 the Indo-American Heritage Museum (IAHM) was incorporated as an independent 501(c)3 organization dedicated to education about the rich cultural heritage and abundant achievements of Indian Americans.  IAHM builds on a strong foundation of successful and on-going programs and activities begun in 1994. They include:

  • Hundreds of presentations to school and university students.
  • Credit workshops for teachers including a Fulbright-funded six-week study tour in India.
  • Participation in the Field Museum’s Cultural Connections programs.
  • Educational seminars for universities, tour groups and corporations.
  • Publication of a pictorial history, Asian Indians of Chicago (Arcadia Publishing, 2003)*.
Asian Indians of Chicago

For your donation of $100, you will receive a free copy of Asian Indians of Chicago (Arcadia Publishing, 2003), a pictorial history of Chicago’s diverse and vibrant Indian American community. This is a book you will be proud to own or gift to others.

Programs are conducted with the enthusiastic support of the Indian American community.

They  include collaboration with other ethnic museums and leading institutions such as the Field Museum Center for Cultural Change and Understanding, the Chicago Children’s Museum, the Chicago History Museum, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Chicago Opera Theater.

Affiliation with the Chicago Cultural Alliance and the hospitality of the Indo-American Center help IAHM pursue its goals.