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Population Contrast DCS May 09

A Population Contrast activity with Dorothie Shah helps high school students ponder lifestyle differences between India and the U.S.

The mission of the Indo-American Heritage Museum is to promote understanding of the heritage, culture and diversity of Indian Americans, preserve their history and share their contributions to the fabric of American life.


The Indo-American Heritage Museum seeks to:

  • Document, preserve and display immigrant history.
  • Showcase Indian American achievements and contributions in all arenas including the sciences, medicine, literature, visual and performing arts.
  • Promote understanding amongst the immigrant community‚Äôs diverse cultures.
  • Foster understanding and respect for Indian heritage and culture in the wider society.
  • Facilitate cross-cultural exchanges and collaborations.
  • Engage youth in exploring and expressing Indian American identity.
  • Enlist older immigrants to share their knowledge, life stories and traditional skills.
  • Provide a venue for artistic expression.
Kid with Book

A picture book on India intrigues a fifth-grader from St. Mary of the Woods during an Ethnic Dialogue session.

Kids at a Table

Youngsters engage in a discussion during an IAHM-Field Museum Cultural Connections program.