Executive Committee

Executive Committee


Padma Rangaswamy has a Ph.D. in History and a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is an historian and author of many books, journal articles and encyclopedia entries on Indian Americans. Among her major publications are Namasté America: Indian Immigrants in an American Metropolis, a comprehensive study of Asian Indian immigration, and Indian Americans, a secondary level reader chronicling the achievements and struggles of Indian immigrants in North America. She has taught courses on Immigration History, World History and Global Cultures at leading Chicago-area universities and is passionate about preserving, documenting and promoting the understanding of Indian American history and culture.


Amita Banerji has over twenty years of experience in international relocation management and cross-cultural training, working until recently in the corporate sector. She spent several years working in Venezuela where she started an English as Second Language (ESL) School for professionals and children. She is passionate about sharing the heritage of immigrant cultures and the need to record and foster understanding between these groups.


Raja Nadimpalli retired from Women’s Health Resources, where she was an internist specializing in primary care for women. She has a keen interest in arts and history.


Kanwal Ghaey is a senior finance manager at Access One International, providing CFO services to start-up, small and medium sized companies, and project-related functional expertise to larger companies. He has been a docent at the Field Museum since volunteering for the Maharaja exhibition.


Madhoolica Dear is a serial entrepreneur and design professional whose journey has taken her from designing textiles to now designing websites. Owner-founder of OrangeSpike Inc, she helps small businesses grow their online presence. She is passionate about the values and the rich heritage of India and served as Board President from 2015-2017.