The Struggle for Citizenship: Educators’ Guide and References

The Struggle for Citizenship: Educators’ Guide & References


Thinking About Citizenship

How does your citizenship affect you in your everyday life?  What advantages/disadvantages do you attribute to your citizenship?

What criteria should a government use to determine which of its residents are eligible for citizenship?  What influences the establishment of these criteria?

Does a nation’s right to preserve its culture and economic well-being justify race and wealth-based decisions regarding citizenship?

Is assimilation necessary for good citizenship?

How well do Indian Americans work with legislators today to further their causes?

How successful are they in building coalitions with other immigrant groups to further their causes?

How is the concept of being “American” evolving as more liberal citizenship policies begin to change the face of America?

As modern technology and travel facilitate connections with the homeland, how does the traditional notion of citizenship loyalties play out in diasporic communities? How does globalization affect the idea of citizenship?


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