Groups, Events, Publications

Groups, Events & Publications


Some of the prominent organizations, events and newspapers that formed and affected the Indo-American revolutionary movement are:

Angel Island

Asiatic Exclusion League

Anti-Imperialist League

Atlantic Charter, WWII

Berlin India Committee (BIC)

Bande Mataram

Deutscher Verein der Freunde Indien (German Society of Friends of India)

East India Society

Free Hindusthan

Friends of Hindusthan (1910, to help poor students)

Friends of Freedom for India

Ghadar Di Goonj


Ghadar Party

Hindustan Association (Early 1900’s)

Hindustani Welfare and Reform Society of America (1910’s)

India Home Rule League & India Affairs Bureau

India Freedom Foundation

India Society of America

India League of America

India House

India Welfare League

India Chamber of Commerce

India News Service (FFI News Bulletin)

Indian Sociologist

Independent Hindustan

India Today (J. J. Singh)

Komagatu Maru Incident

Maha Bodhi Society of America

Muslim Association (1910’s)


Nalanda Club

Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society

Pacific Coast Hindustan Association of America (late 1910’s)

S.S. Maverick (start of the Berlin-Hindu Conspiracy)

Stockton Guruduwara

Seattle Exclusion League

Society for the Advancement of India

Universities: Oregon, Stanford, Washington, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Chicago, Northwestern

Young India

Vedanta Society

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