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  • Tejas Shah, Attorney
    2017-05-03 09:41:38
    We are diversifying the nation and slowly but surely breaking down certain myths about our community. We're also leaving our mark in every arena. Our generation is American. We're proving that we belong here.
  • Ankur Raniwala, Analytics manager
    2017-03-03 12:47:30
    I am finding that the large population of Indian-Americans is becoming more mainstream in non-traditional roles (culturally supported roles i.e. engineering and medicine). For example, you are finding more and more of them in entertainment, politics, and media. In this way, Indian-Americans are making a more holistic impact on America and ultimately the world.
  • Rudra Sinharoy
    2017-01-03 01:47:30
    Indian-Americans have had a profound impact on shaping America. Attaining higher education is generally emphasized in the households of Indian families and as such, Indian-Americans have helped the various fields of science, technology, and academia grow. Indians are also seeing a growing impact on pop-culture and entertainment; their culturally rich and diverse backgrounds have proven to provide a valuable perspective on the American experience.
  • Sharbik Datta
    2016-12-03 12:47:30
    Having two very different identities- Indian and America- we are able to combine the best of the Collectivist Indian culture with the more Individualistic American culture.
  • Anand Deshpande,I.T. Professional
    2016-08-03 02:47:30
    We as a group lack empathy. This makes our impact in on this nation a bit underwhelming considering the resources at our disposal and makes our future, in unpredictable times, shaky at best.
  • Ishani Mathur, Student
    2016-08-03 01:47:30
    When asked where I'm form. I usually say I'm from a suburb of Chicago. It's the area that I've called home for twenty years and I consider myself a local.
  • Nisar Naimi, Event Planner
    2016-07-03 02:47:30
    While I am proud of being an American, being Indian is something that I do not want to lose.
  • Preeti Veerlapati
    2016-05-03 01:47:30
    My Indian and American identities constantly conflicted with each. I once brought gulab jamun for my Girl Scout Troop to share my most favorite dish, and it was received with disgust. Maybe it's because I live in a diverse city like Chicago, I now find that I have balance with both identities.